3 Star Hotel Accommodation in Bibione

Immersed in the pine forest, placidly overlooking the sea or strategically located in the nerve center of the city, the3 star hotel facilities in Bibione dot this beautiful seaside resort and provide an excellent range of accommodation to fully satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The fully equipped and high-level facilities, the services of a high standard, the qualified staff and the excellent value for money are the essential ingredients allowing you to enjoy a special holiday and making this charming pearl of the Adriatic an even more appreciated holiday destination, even at international level.

The care and the cleanliness of all 3 star hotel accommodation in Bibione, the rich and varied breakfasts, the delicious dishes prepared by skilled chefs and the exclusive facilities, including entertainment for children, swimming pools, free use of bikes or Nordic Walking poles and the personalized menus, are the pride of these structures.

ABA Viaggi, thanks to a thorough knowledge of the territory and of the tourist offer, supports you with professionalism and expertise to help you better plan your vacation, identifying the most appropriate solutions for your holiday requirements.

Discover all our offers, select the convenience, the price range and the amenities to which you want to be close and check the availability in real time.

Do not miss the best bargains and book now online your vacation at one of the beautiful 3-star hotel facilities in Bibione.

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Hotel Victoria - Hotel Victoria Bibione 123456789

Hotel Victoria 3

A Via Venere, 14, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzQ5Nw== Fax: MDQzMSA0Mzk5ODg= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsdmljdG9yaWEuYml6 View map Request info >FAMILY HotelsFAMILY Hotels >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels A quiet area in bibione lido dei pini, the hotel victoria. the atmosphere and elegance of the environment are the result of years ...
Hotel Pillon - Hotel Pillon Bibione 12345678910

Hotel Pillon 3

B Via Maja, 143, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0Mzk2OTY= Fax: MDQzMSA0Mzk2OTY= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVscGlsbG9uLmNvbQ== View map Request info >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels Hotel pillon is located in the main street of bibione, only a few steps from the sea and the private beach reserved for our guests. hotel pillon was founded and has remained ...
Hotel Villa del Mar - Hotel Villa del Mar Bibione 1234567

Hotel Villa del Mar 3

C Via Polluce, 20, Bibione Phone: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDM4NjEx Fax: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDM4MjYw Sito web: d3d3LnZpbGxhZGVsbWFyaG90ZWwuaXQ= View map Request info >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels The hotel villa del mar is located just steps from the beach , quiet and sunny position in good to better enjoy and relax your ...
Hotel Villa Angelina - Hotel Villa Angelina Bibione 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233

Hotel Villa Angelina 3

D Via della Bilancia, 38, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzIwMw== Fax: MDQzMSA0NDY3MTg= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsdmlsbGFhbmdlbGluYS5pdA== View map Request info >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels Since 1963 hotel villa angelina offers its clients a quiet and comfortable place to spend their holidays. placed right in the town centre, 100 ...
Hotel Cesare Augusto - Hotel Cesare Augusto Bibione 12345

Hotel Cesare Augusto 3

E Corso Europa, 47, Bibione Phone: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDMzOTI= Fax: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDQ2NzMy Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsY2VzYXJlYXVndXN0by5pdA== View map Request info >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels Sea view hotel located 50 meters from the main street of bibione and 50 meters from the new spa. by hotel lido next to cesare augusto ...
Hotel President - Hotel President Bibione 12345678

Hotel President 3

F Corso Europa, 88, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzM5Nw== Fax: MDQzMSA0Mzk0MDU= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVscHJlc2lkZW50YmliaW9uZS5pdA== View map Request info >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels Situated 50 m from the wonderful beach of bibione, in a quiet area close to the center and the new thermal complex, the hotel president ...
Hotel Mayer - Hotel Mayer Bibione 1234

Hotel Mayer 3

G Via Delfino, 143, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzM2MA== Fax: MDQzMSA0Mzg2NzM= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsbWF5ZXIuY29t View map Request info >BIKE HotelsBIKE Hotels >FAMILY HotelsFAMILY Hotels >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels
Hotel Golf - Hotel Golf Bibione 123

Hotel Golf 3

H Corso Europa, 54, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzIxNA== Fax: MDQzMSA0MzgwMDA= Sito web: d3d3LmdvbGZob3RlbGJpYmlvbmUuaXQ= View map Request info >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels
Hotel Luciana - Hotel Luciana Bibione 12345678910

Hotel Luciana 3

I Via Costellazioni, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzE1NQ== Fax: MDQzMSA0Mzc3NjM= Sito web: d3d3Lmx1Y2lhbmFob3RlbC5pdA== View map Request info >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels In 2010 the house has been completely renovated to offer its customers solutions more comfortable and in step with the times.we offer a personalized service ...
Hotel Alla Terrazza - Hotel Alla Terrazza Bibione 1234567891011

Hotel Alla Terrazza 3

J Via Capricorno Est, 191, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzAzMzA= Fax: MDQzMSA0NDc3Njk= Sito web: d3d3LmFsbGF0ZXJyYXp6YS5uZXQ= View map Request info >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels At 200 meters from the beach, in the center of the pedestrian area of lido dei pini, the hotel - restaurant - pizzeria "the terrace" ...
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