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If you are looking for something beautiful and unexpected, Bibione can be an amazing place, where the sun, the sea and its wide beach melt perfectly together with a wonderful and unique nature. You simply need to get in contact with its naturalistic spirit, away from the crowded street full of tourists; only in this way you can appreciate its wide environmental heritage and discover its most striking parts: from the different colour tones along its canals and its lagoon islands to the soft lights along the paths of maritime pines towards the old lighthouse; you can enjoy walking along the fine and golden sand of its beaches or along the promenade facing the sea.

The tourists in Bibione can enjoy also wonderful walks among the sand dunes, along the white paths of the River Tagliamento and across the neat rows of vineyards and orchards. You can discover a type of inland which has been marked by man and wine since the ancient age, since the times of the Roman Empire.

If you are fond of romantic walks along the seaside using your Nordic Walking sticks, or if you want to experience a tour among wild horses and turtles, you can discover the offers of the new Club Walking Hotels and of its Card.

In the hotels included in the Club you can find the following base services:
• Supply of telescopic sticks
• Safekeeping of your equipment
• Energy breakfast
• Catalogues of our tours and routes and information about our events

Extra service:

• □ Guided tours
• □ People rescue


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Hotel Principe - Hotel Principe Bibione

Hotel Principe 4S

A Via Ariete, 41, Bibione Phone: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDMyNTY= Sito web: d3d3LnByaW5jaXBlaG90ZWwuaXQ= View map Request info > >FAMILY HotelsFAMILY Hotels >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >PET HotelsPET Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels The hotel principe is a 4 stars hotel and since 1963 it is managed by the family dotto according to the motto "perfection is not ...
Hotel Mayer - Hotel Mayer Bibione 1234

Hotel Mayer 3

B Via Delfino, 143, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzM2MA== Fax: MDQzMSA0Mzg2NzM= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsbWF5ZXIuY29t View map Request info > >BIKE HotelsBIKE Hotels >FAMILY HotelsFAMILY Hotels >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels
Hotel Montreal - Hotel Montreal Bibione 12345678910111213141516171819

Hotel Montreal 3S

C Via dei Pianeti, 86, Bibione Phone: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDMwMzQ5 Fax: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDM0MDQ= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsLW1vbnRyZWFsLml0 View map Request info > >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels Three-star hotel, completely renewed, in a very quiet area, 50m. from the beach and near the city center. all 60 rooms have elegant furniture air ...
Hotel Di Giovanni - Hotel Di Giovanni Bibione 12345678

Hotel Di Giovanni 3

D Via Orsa Maggiore, 20, Bibione Phone: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDMxMTc= Fax: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDM5MjU2 Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsZGlnaW92YW5uaS5pdA== View map Request info > >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels A few minutes from the sea with private beach and covered parking. modern, comfortable, quiet in an excellent position, 100 meters walk from the ...
Hotel Villa Angelina - Hotel Villa Angelina Bibione 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233

Hotel Villa Angelina 3

E Via della Bilancia, 38, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzIwMw== Fax: MDQzMSA0NDY3MTg= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsdmlsbGFhbmdlbGluYS5pdA== View map Request info > >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels Since 1963 hotel villa angelina offers its clients a quiet and comfortable place to spend their holidays. placed right in the town centre, 100 ...
Hotel Parigi - Hotel Parigi Bibione 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829

Hotel Parigi 4

F Via Acquario, 24, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzI5MA== Fax: MDQzMSA0Mzk0MDA= Sito web: d3d3LnBhcmlnaWhvdGVsLml0 View map Request info > >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels For over a decade the hotel parigi has been known for the friendliness, good humour and courtesy of its staff. with us, conviviality is a ...
Hotel Corallo - Hotel Corallo Bibione 1234567891011121314151617

Hotel Corallo 4

G Via Pegaso, 38, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzIyMg== Fax: MDQzMSA0MzA5NDM= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsY29yYWxsb2JpYmlvbmUuY29t View map Request info > >BIKE HotelsBIKE Hotels >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels A 4 star hotel in bibione, overlooking the beautiful sea front promenade which introduces the famous sandy beach: this is hotel corallo, with its distinctive ...
Agriturismo Altrove - Agriturismo Altrove

Agriturismo Altrove

H Via Marango 288, Bibione Phone: KzM5IDM0OCAyMzAzNTA2 Fax: MDQzMSA1MTUwMDE= Sito web: d3d3LmFncml0dXJpc21vLWFsdHJvdmUuY29t View map Request info > >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels
Hotel Amburgo - Hotel Amburgo Bibione 123456789101112131415

Hotel Amburgo 3S

I Via Venere, 19, Bibione Phone: MDQzMSA0MzQ0MQ== Fax: MDQzMSA0MzkzMzE= Sito web: d3d3LmhvdGVsYW1idXJnby5jb20= View map Request info > >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels Welcome to hamburg, a true "gem" located in a quiet area, just a few steps from the beach and 150 m. from the renovated center ...
Hotel Villa del Mar - Hotel Villa del Mar Bibione 1234567

Hotel Villa del Mar 3

J Via Polluce, 20, Bibione Phone: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDM4NjEx Fax: KzM5IDA0MzEgNDM4MjYw Sito web: d3d3LnZpbGxhZGVsbWFyaG90ZWwuaXQ= View map Request info > >GOLF HotelsGOLF Hotels >SPA HotelsSPA Hotels >WALKING HotelsWALKING Hotels The hotel villa del mar is located just steps from the beach , quiet and sunny position in good to better enjoy and relax your ...
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