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Lignano is one of the most famous Italian resorts situated on the shore of Adriatic Sea. It is a very popular holiday destination among Italians but it is probably most loved by foreigners, especially Germans and Austrians. It has long sandy beaches, amusement parks and sports fields, and it is also one of the most famous Italian resorts known for its nightlife as it has great bars and pubs and discotheques. You can glide across the dance floors and enjoy the live music at the sea front. Lignano's stretch of coast offers beaches and lagoons, rocks dotting the sea, inlets and harbours. It boasts a beautiful beachfront and a unique historical centre surrounded by a delightful marina, while another harbour which might interest sailors is the large Marina Punta Gabbiani in Aprilia Marittima, not far from Lignano.

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Lignano offers a delicious cuisine influenced by many cultures. The very popular restaurants here serve a variety of mouth-watering traditional north-eastern Italian dishes like polenta with bolliti (boiled meats) and brovada, made from turnips fermented together with marc. Bars in Lignano offer region's best wines. Accommodation is not an issue as there are several one- to five-star-rated hotels, apartments, boarding houses and serviced apartments, resorts and many other accommodations available in town. Also if you plan to stay for long with your family, then getting a private property on a rental basis would also be a good option.
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