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Grado is one of the wonderful coastal towns of northern Italy, an island of the Adriatic Sea between Venice and Trieste. A small but beautiful place with wide beaches and quite a few good luxury as well as cheap hotels, villas, apartments and resorts. Due to its limited area, most of these places are located in such a way that both the city centre as well as the beach are at a walking distance. The prices vary depending on their facilities and services, as it is natural, but they are nonetheless affordable and on the whole convenient if compared with their superb location. All tourists with high or low budget can find suitable rooms lodging in accord to their requirements, and exploit the chance of rejuvenating at the Thermal Water Park.

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You can relax when you choose Grado and make your hotel reservation: you can relax sitting on the armchair in an open terrace or in a hotel balcony, in a nineteenth-century villa garden or in a holiday resort central place, to enjoy the pleasure of fresh breeze and sea-view. Or, you can sit on the beach under your beach umbrella and get sight of fantastic panoramic views of the sun setting behind the sea. Be it a simple room in a local home, or a Bed & Breakfast, or also a room of any hotel category, your booking in Grado is guarantee of securing you the best place ever. Many Bed & Breakfasts and hotels have beautiful views and are often under the shades of pinewoods or in the vicinity of the old town or port.
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